Our Beers

Red Shoot Beers

The Red Shoot Inn & Brewery, nestled in the heart of the New Forest is proud to have its own Microbrewery. Our brewer is the manager Andy Morris who with the assistance of  Richard Harvey BSc MBrew, as consultant brewer brings our fantastic ales to life.  Richard brings with him a wealth of experience & knowledge of the brewing industry after both brewing and managing some of the top companies including M&B, Hopback and Goddards. 

The beers that they will be brewing are

New Forest Gold - ABV 3.8% Clean,freshpalate,full bodied with slight marmalade and citrus notes

Tom Tipple - ABV 4.8%   A traditional IPA with a full biscuity malt flavour, bitter but with a slightly citrus finish

Muddy Boot - ABV 4.2%  Malty with coffee and chocolate hints, enhanced by muscovado sugar to give a full bodies, gentle bitter taste.  An ideal beer to follow a bracing walk in the forest.

Being part of the Wadworthshire family we also sell a range of Wadworth beers including:

Wadworth6X - Wadworth IPA- Bishops Tipple - Swordfish